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Tree Removal

Whether it’s an emergency or you no longer need the tree in your backyard, we can help you remove fallen trees and branches.

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Palm Cleaning

Our experts can help keep your palm trees looking beautiful, by regularly cleaning palm fronds and checking for disease or decay.

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Chipping Services

We can organize chipping of tree loppings and broken branches. Quickly and effectively removing all the mess.

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Tree Pruning

Our experts can help organise regular pruning which helps direct growth, and provide a sound framework for development.

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Stump Grinding

Tree stumps are unsightly and a known source for attracting fungi. We can remove risk of disease by grinding down stumps.

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Arborist Report

We provide detailed arborist reports that help you continue with your landscaping, construction or development plans.

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Welcome to Jim’s Trees, part of the world’s largest franchise organisation, the Jim’s Group of Companies. Jim’s Trees has been steadfast in its commitment to customer service and excellence.

Jim’s Trees is a successful franchise born out of the expertise of our arborists who use their skill and knowledge to deliver customized tree pruning, stump grinding, tree removal, mulching and other tree care solutions through franchisees across Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Canada. Since 1997, we are dedicated to serving the arboricultural needs of the community, with highly trained and professional tree removal franchisees. Wherever possible, Jim’s Trees franchisees belong to the local Tree Contractor’s Association in order to remain updated on industry developments, statutory compliance’s and environmental issues.

Our clientele includes households, private residencies, construction sites, commercial properties, municipal parks, golf courses, public and private education institutes and government departments. Jim’s Trees also offers a range of professional services which includes tree assessments, tree pest and disease control, arborist reports and consulting. We are a one-stop-shop for all your tree troubles and back our specialist removal services with a $10 Million Guarantee.

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Being a responsible organization, Jim’s Trees understands and recognizes the need for safety of our clients, their properties and our staff as well as taking preventive measures for ensuring a safe workplace.

We continue to adopt, monitor and seek best practices for the safest and most effective results. Our safety policy is a comprehensive set of methodologies and procedures that includes training of our officers, workers and other staff, use of high-quality, properly maintained equipment and complying with these guidelines in every job we undertake irrespective of its magnitude.

All our vendors and suppliers are thoroughly verified; so is the equipment before getting passed onto our people. Top-of-the-line safety gear is given to all our staff, including safety gloves, vests and other devices for minimizing potential injuries. Our team members are also trained to handle all safety apparatus in order to ensure their and other fellow workers’ well-being.

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Jim’s Trees always believes in rewarding great customer service and has a widely followed franchisee system which makes it easier for people to enter and exit. Our goal has always been to have franchisees that ensure great customer service.

Why Jim’s Trees?
Jim’s system is highly flexible and is adapted by 26 active divisions, with more than 2900 franchisees across Australia and rest of the world. Our logo is recognized by 94% of the Australian public and our reputation for outstanding customer service allows us to achieve and maintain a better margin in the marketplace. New franchisees benefit in many ways, including:

  • A highly recognized name that generates an enormous amount of new work, referrals and repeat business
  • Operational and marketing expertise
  • Large, non-exclusive territories
  • Ongoing training and support
  • Increased buying power
  • Cheaper insurance, finance and leasing costs, phone plans, uniforms, stationaries and much more

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If you plan to get rid of a useless tree in your garden or surrounding area, you need to apply for a tree removal permit at your local council. A tree removal permit is required for the removal or demolition of trees on all residential and non-residential properties, with the exception of certain exempted trees as listed by your local council.

Does it sound like a hassle to you? Relax, as fully qualified and trained arborists at Jim’s Trees make the entire process smoother for you.

Depending on where you reside, your local government has its own set of regulations with respect to tree removal. If you need a permit in the first place depends on the size and type of the tree and your area of residence.

Certain areas follow zoning laws which prohibit tree removal, irrespective of its size. Some tree categories may be classified as “protected species” and you cannot get rid of them even if you want to. If you belong to a fire-prone area, any type of tree within 10 meters of your residence may be removed without a permit.

Let Jim’s Trees help you with tree pruning and removal permits

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