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Are your trees being over run by pests

Would you like to find that your precious trees have turned into breeding grounds for pests like tree borers and beetles, termites, moths and insects?
Of course not; and neither do we. That’s why Jim’s Trees pest removal programs are at your rescue to protect your trees and other plants from pest attacks. Our experts are available at your service round the clock, all seven days of the week.

We specialize in preventive measures as well as damage control methods to guarantee your landscape’s protection from insect infestation. Destructive species like mites, moths, deer ticks, tree beetles and grub worms can run havoc if left unattended for long and turn your garden into their playground.

When you call Jim’s Trees, our fully qualified arborists inspect your landscape thoroughly; they offer expert diagnosis followed by treatment. This is rounded up by comprehensive, routine monitoring to evaluate effectiveness and monitor progress.

Pests usually favor plants that are weak and in poor health. As such, our arborist’s primary objective is to restore their health so that they are able to resist pest infestation naturally. Our pesticides are chemical-free and although very effective, they never cause any environmental imbalance. We use ingredients which minimize insect population without impacting the surrounding flora and fauna.

Some insect species cause no harm to your plantations, but there are others who can fatally damage vegetation. We take care of Emerald Ash Borer, Pine Bark Beetle, and Asian long – horned Beetle, Winter Moths, Gypsy Moths and Aphids. They feed on leaves and fruits and may lead to tree defoliation, severely increasing the risk of secondary pest infestations and diseases.

Bronze Birch and Elm Bark Beetles together with Borers like Rhododendron and Lilac are difficult to prevent or control without expert help. They can cause major damage by feeding on conductive tissues of trunks and large branches. As their feeding frenzy continues, this limits, and with time, cuts off nutrients and water supply to the canopies, leading to death of the trees.

But you need not get alarmed as experts at Jim’s Trees can help you get rid of such unwanted nuisance and keep them at bay. Our services are acclaimed throughout Australia and are more affordable than you think.

Call us today for a free, no-obligation quote or simply fill in the online form. Your trees will thank you for this.