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powerline clean upEach year, residents like you have to reimburse power companies and other utility service providers for damages caused to their equipment due to broken trees or branches. Most often, there is no provision for such damages in your property insurance.

Trees affect service reliability: either at the point where they come in direct contact with the lines or at other locations that are interconnected by a common electric grid.

Fallen trees can disrupt power supply to users and in extreme cases, tear down a line in its entirety and uproot the poles which hold it in place.

You can imagine the extent of inconvenience that can be caused not only to you but others as well in your neighborhood; needless to mention the monetary costs involved in such scenarios.

But you can relax as Jim’s Trees can help you take appropriate measures which can prevent such situations, and even if they do, clear up the mess without causing further damage to any property.  For more information, see

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Jims-Trees-T-32-sliderAs a comprehensive tree and stump removal company, Jim’s Trees offers crane services for removing large trees safely.

Crane removal of trees makes difficult tasks easier as we are able to lift the heavier varieties effectively and do a more professional job than manual removal.

Jim’s Trees is your best choice when removing difficult trees because:

  • Irrespective of how close the tree is to your house, building or power lines, we can lift and remove it gently, causing no damage to your property or landscape.
  • Our cranes ensure there are no falling limbs or other chunks that you have to deal with; you don’t need to pray for things to work out fine. Our technology guarantees it.

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