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Jim's Crane Tree Removal Services


As a comprehensive tree and stump removal company, Jim’s Trees offers crane tree removal services for removing large trees safely (see more at CJims-Trees-T-32-sliderrane removal of trees makes difficult tasks easier as we are able to lift the heavier varieties effectively and do a more professional job than manual removal. Jim’s Trees is your best choice when removing difficult trees because:

  • Irrespective of how close the tree is to your house, building or power lines, we can lift and remove it gently, causing no damage to your property or landscape.
  • Our cranes ensure there are no falling limbs or other chunks that you have to deal with; you don’t need to pray for things to work out fine. Our technology guarantees it.
  • Safety is our top-most priority and we see to it that all precautionary measures are in place before commencing operations. We are always committed to your family’s well-being while adhering to the same high standards people have been associating with us over the years.
  • Crane removal of trees is a more economical option than other, conventional techniques and as always, we keep our rates very low to fit your budget.
  • Trees in your backyard can be accessed easily from the driveway or street. This eliminates all those challenges you might face when trying to get rid of hard-to-reach trees.
  • When we remove trees, we make sure the lumber remains useful for other building purposes rather than turning them into nothing but firewood.
  • We don’t want you to spend extra and that’s why, if feasible, we can perform the removal manually after a thorough inspection.
  • Our crane removal services are safe and strictly adhere to industry standards and regulations.

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