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Jims Tree Dandenong rises to the challenge

The stunning Dandenong ranges are an amazing getaway for Melbournians. The region is renowned for it’s amazing trees and dense green forestry. Dandenong locals are keen to preserve this unique natural wonder but are also conscious that sometimes the trees can become overgrown and present risks to tourists. In particular, the local gum-trees are given to shedding branches without notice, which can be a real threat to personal safety.

Our Jim’s Trees franchisees in the Dandenong region are called upon regularly to keep this natural wonder in perfect shape. Our team gets called in by locals to trim overgrown tree branches, lop off low hanging limbs, or even help maintain ornate gardens and hedges.

In the recent storms that tore through the neighbourhood, several old and rotting trees were knocked down hindering traffic and slowing down commuters. Jim’s Trees Dandenong rose to the challenge helping manage the traffic conditions, remove fallen trees using cranes and heavy machinery, and eliminate all safety risks. Once the fallen trees were gone, Jim’s Trees sent in their specialise stump grinding team to eliminate all tree stumps protruding from the ground. Finally, all the fallen trees and branches were ground into mulch and given away to the local community for use in gardens around the region. Also, left over wood from the operation were given away as firewood. No wonder Jim’s Trees is the most popular Tree Care business in Australia.

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