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Jims Trees gets great review in local publication

The highly competitive service industry rates Jim’s Trees highly. We have had our share of press and media coverage and needless to say, we feel very proud when others have good things to talk about us. Here are some excerpts.

The Herald Sun, one of the most prominent English dailies in Australia, highlighted Jim Penman’s work. It mentions how Jim started with just one lawnmower and a marketing budget of $24 and went on to become the world’s largest home service business, with 22000 franchises. “Jim’s Group has built 200,000 fences, installed 300,000 antennas, washed 100,000 dogs and mowed 30 million lawns.” All this data translates into one important finding: one in five Australian households have been serviced by Jim.

According to the Smart Investor Magazine, Jim’s Mowing is the smartest investment option when it comes to the amount of capital required to become a franchise and the corresponding returns. The author of this research spent three months studying 600 franchise systems throughout the country. After the field work, the writer narrowed down her list of the top 8 systems that really worked.

Jim’s Mowing got an impressive score of 77% for businesses with initial capital investment of less than $50,000. The score indicates Jim’s performance in the magazine’s assessment of “the number of franchises available, company history, availability of trademarks, standards of training and support for franchisees, longevity of franchise agreements and exclusivity of business or marketing territories.”

The Wealth Creator Magazine also tracked Jim’s story with the headline reading, “How Jim turned $24 into $100 million by not letting the grass grow under his feet.” The article talks about humble beginnings and how sheer hard work and dedication lead to positive results. Jim mowed his way to the bank but not without his franchises. Today, Jim has the world’s largest franchise system, and believes he can turn this into a billion dollar company.

Almost 14 years after Jim mowed his first lawn, one of his franchises turned over $1 million per annum. In Jim’s words, “His turnover was $20,000 per week, and he was only paying us $350 a month in franchise fees.” Jim believes in “inclusive growth” and wants his franchises to succeed as well. Today, Jim’s is one of the most emulated systems in the industry but Jim still drives a 30-year-old Volvo and is very proud of it.