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JIms Trees saved my beloved garden

I’m writing in to express my heartfelt thanks to the Jim’s Trees family who were all at help and came to my rescue, saving my beloved garden from complete destruction.

My garden had been over-run with various fungal infections and tree rot. And many of the trees were in very bad shape. I was really at my wit’s end as to what I could do. I contacted several tree companies trying to get advice and request someone to visit and help sort things out. To my horror, no one wanted to visit me at short notice and I felt quite helpless.

Finally I was able to contact Jim’s Trees and the helpful girls on the phone assured me someone would visit within 24hours. Sure enough, the very friendly Simon from Jim’s Trees arrived first thing the next day. He quickly assessed the problems, and what could be done to fix things. He got to work straight away and before he left gave me a lot of useful advice.

Today, a few months down the track (after I put all of Simon’s tips to use) I’m happy to say my garden is once again flourishing and is my pride and joy once again.

Many thanks to Jim’s Trees!

Warm regards,
Dorothy Chao, Altona