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Jims has more work than it can handle according to the latest stats supplied by the Jims Group

The Jim’s group prides itself on great customer service. It has grown to over 50 Divisions since its inception when it first started franchising way back in 1989 with very heavy focus on the customer experience. Jim himself is very heavily involved in the day to day running’s supported by a great crew at head office in Mooroolbark . Jim often says that trust cannot be bought – it can only be earnt .Here is a graph which clearly shows that there are simply not enough franchisees to service the work it generates. The Jim’s group offers a pay for work guarantee and proven business systems. If you are looking for a business – look at where you have lots too choose from. Jim’s Trees was the second Division to launch in 1998 and is in the top 10 for unserviced work. Jim’s Trees has recently expanded to New Zealand with a hope to grow in other countries like the UK,Canada and the...

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Tree Removal in Sydney

Why It’s A Good Idea To Hire Jim’s Tree and Stump Removal Experts in Sydney Trees have numerous benefits including; providing shelter and shade, providing beautification , reducing environmental pollution, wind obstruction, providing fresh air, entertainment for kids, and many more. The list is endless. However,stumps and potentially damaging trees pose safety risks to yourself and your property. You do not want this to happen hence it’s a good idea hire a specialist in stump and tree removal. At Jim’s Tree Removal Sydney we provide convenience and high quality work saving you time, resources, and effort. Overgrown trees or extending roots present several dangers to the occupants of a home: The branches can fall on a person or on your property , causing injury and damage. The roots of trees can actually weaken the structure of your home. The branches can reach out to low-lying wires leading to damage of wires installed above the ground. Professional tree and stump removal services Sydney ensure the exterior of your home is in its perfect condition. Our services at Jim’s Tree and Stump Removal ensure you and your family enjoy your Sydney home to the utmost. Our expertise and attention to detail can make all the difference in how well trees are maintained in your Sydney home. In Sydney, the most knowledgeable and experienced tree removal experts are at Jim’s Tree and Stump Removal .Jim’s Tree and Stump Removal has experts who are knowledgeable, skilled, well trained, and have access to the right tools and equipment to help Sydney homeowners with their tree maintenance needs. If you are thinking about tree or stump...

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Way back in 2014

Sometimes our clients love to put videos together and send them into us. Here is a video from way back in 2014 with Wayne in Hawks Bay New Zealand doing a pretty large tidy up for a client – if you have any videos you would like to send in to us – please do.  ...

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