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Palm pruning or removal in Perth

Cotton palms are one of the tallest common trees in Perth and clients often have their palms pruned at this time of the year. This is partly to make them look nice but equally they can be a fire hazard as they are a common target for arsonists. (Those dead fronds burn as though they were soaked in petrol!) The trick is to do this job safely but also quickly so as to keep costs down. In places where an EWP or cherry picker wont fit Worksafe requires “top down” rope access be used. This link shows exactly how we do that.

If a client wants their palms removed it is a similar process. We figure out what method works best based on the trees location. If possible they will be felled, (that is usually the quickest and cheapest option), although if they are close to power lines, houses or other property felling may not be the best choice. Imagine the damage these 2 palms could do if they went the wrong way. The larger tree is 16 metres tall and weighs over 7 tonnes! So you need a plan to get all of that on the ground and then of course the waste needs to be removed. This is clearly a job for professional tree surgeons with lots of experience working on these particular trees. In 2012 alone we pruned or removed an estimated 2500 palms including cotton palms, date palms, Alexandra palms, bangalays, kentias and even a few we had no name for!