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Preventing silver rot in evergreens

Silver rot is a type of fungal disease which causes the wood in trunks and limbs to decay. Specific weather conditions support their growth and during this time, large parts of the wood of healthy, living trees tend to decay in a relatively short time period.

Rots lower wood strength significantly, kill conductive tissues and sapwood storage capability. Improperly cared, old and weak trees are more vulnerable to these kinds of decays. So, if you have an evergreen in your backyard, follow these steps to keep them disease-free and flourishing over the years.

Wood decay doesn’t happen so frequently in young trees: mostly, it is characteristic of older and larger trees. Once it happens, it is difficult to manage but with some precautionary measures, you can bring down the risk of a fatal damage.

Routine pruning should be done right from the time the tree is young. This promotes growth, gives the tree a sound structure and avoids the need to cut large branches or limbs when the tree grows old. Lopping big branches also creates large wounds which is ideal breeding ground for silver rots.

Pruning should be carried out with proper cuts, without leaving any stubs. It is advisable to prune the branch bark ridge and make cuts that will allow rainwater to drain properly. Wound dressings do not prevent decay or hasten the process of wound closure. So, it’s not recommended.

Trees can cause personal injuries as well as damage properties. It is best to have them checked periodically by trained arborists for signs of structural weaknesses and wood decay. Trees found to be hazardous must be braced, cabled, trimmed or completely removed.

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