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Stump Grinding : Root and Stump removal


When you get a tree removed from your garden, it is important to have the stump removed as well. If not, a rotting stump proves to be a nuisance with time.


Without stump removal, it becomes the home of pests such as termites and white ants and also ruins the beauty of your landscape.

Tree stumps are unsafe not only for you but also your family, especially if there are children around. They may injure themselves by tripping over it while playing.

You may also have a new construction plan like paving the entire area once the stump is removed. But you can only start once the stump is completely removed from above the ground level.

Why Jim’s Trees Stump Grinding Services for old, fallen trees?

Old, dead and fallen trees are best taken care of by Jim’s Trees. Our stump grinding process is, by far, the safest and most effective way to get rid of tree stumps, forever. Our stump removal experts grind the stump and also the surface roots of the tree which reduces the probability of re-growth, increases the area’s safety and makes it ready for your future requirements.

We execute the job so professionally you will forget there was a tree in the first place. And our tree stump grinding service is very quick: on average, a job is completed in just 30 minutes. Click here for more information on this service.

Tree stump grinding is a highly critical procedure which needs the correct expertise and equipment. Stump Removal Professionals at Jim’s Trees are experienced and trusted by thousands of satisfied clients, and we provide our manpower with the best machinery, tools and other safety devices to help them do their jobs professionally.
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