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Stump Grinding: Old Stumps


Sometimes, you have to get trees removed in order to make way for garden landscaping, new fencing, and constructing a new shed, lawn or pavement. You may also want to grow new plants or expand your garden.

The last thing you would want after removal is an ugly tree stump which poses the following inconveniences:Vermeer-stump-grinder

  • It can become a major hindrance in your future gardening plans.
  • Tree stumps are a known source for attracting fungi that can infect nearby trees.
  • A tree stump increases the chances of accidents, with children and the elderly likely to trip on it.
  • Stumps are the breeding grounds of pests like termites, ants and cockroaches.
  • They are an eyesore and ruin your garden’s beauty.

Jim’s Trees are experts in quick, professional and effective stump removal, including complete removal from the surface so that there are no visible after-signs. We also undertake a comprehensive clean-up of the area and get it ready for your future purposes. Rather than leave the stump sticking out of the ground, Jim’s Trees is able to grind it out.

Tree stump grinding is an effective and safe method for removing tree stumps

Experts at Jim’s Trees use a proven and effective method known as grinding for removing different kinds of tree stumps in your private or commercial estates. Tree stump grinding is a universally recognized process for guaranteed results and is the safest way to get rid of unwanted tree stumps.

Grinding is a chemical-free and environmentally-friendly technique which works on the stump and the surface roots as well. The mulch that gathers as a result of the grinding is useful in reducing water consumption and can be dropped off in the vacant hole created by the stump. If you like, we can get rid of it completely by taking it to the local green center.

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