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Tree Pruning: Regular Maintenance


Trees are a great addition to your property and if maintained properly, go a long way in appreciating its value. They keep the surroundings cool, especially on those hot days, and also prove great for kids to play around. Their importance in your well-being as well as enhancing the natural beauty of your home need not be further emphasized. Jims-Trees-T-42Ill-maintained trees, on the other hand, may lead to obstructions in driveways and walkways, prevent adequate light and air through the windows and lead to piling up of dried leaves in your backyard. Worse, they may disrupt electricity by coming in direct contact with electrical cables and prove fatal to the people in the house and surrounding areas. Loose branches from natural calamities are another nuisance you may have to deal with every day.

Jim’s Trees is committed to make important contributions in maintaining and improving urban tree scapes and preserving them for our future generations. We have been providing expert tree pruning services and our staff are extensively trained in target pruning of trees. Call us and see your trees in flourishing health, while making them pest-free and internally strong. When pruning, it’s critical to know how much to prune. Our experts specialize in pruning stem barks and branch bark ridges as well as trimming and thinning hedges, shrubs and bushes. Minute attention to our customers’ needs has been our forte with a considerable proportion of our business coming from returning and referral clients. This is further proof of our exceptional service standards and value-for-money solutions.

Get professional tree pruning help from our arborists who suggest pruning options after analyzing your needs. If you are in two minds regarding whether the solution to your problem is complete tree removal or pruning, our experts give you helpful advice to enable you to take a decision that suits you best.

Why is it important to prune trees?

  • Increase tree life
  • Assist in new growth
  • Remove storm-affected and dead branches
  • Increase sunlight and improve ventilation through windows
  • Enhance overall beauty

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