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Large Tree Removal - What You Need To Know

tree-pruningTrees are wonderful: they provide us with oxygen to breathe, fruits to enjoy, flowers to see and cool shade from the summer sun.

But at times, you have to take the tough decision to remove trees from your garden or backyard due to:

  • A diseased or dying tree is worthless and it may be the breeding ground for pests like mites and beetles. These have a high probability of spreading to nearby plantations.
  • It may be storm damaged and immune to infestations
  • You want to replace it with a newer or better variety of plants
  • You want to start with your garden landscaping or paving plan.
  • There is a new fencing work, shed or new construction you wanted to start
  • Large trees grow out-of-control, often disrupting overhead power cables, intruding your neighbor’s premises and damaging properties.
  • Large trees obstruct free movement along driveways, on the streets and sidewalks.

If you are worried about a large tree removal from your premises, or outside, let Jim’s Trees help you out. Our professional arborists are available round the clock to expertly perform big tree removal without causing further damage to your or your neighbor’s assets.  For more on tall trees see here.

Why Use Jim’s Trees For Big Tree Removal?

Jim’s Trees is the undisputed leader in providing comprehensive plant care and removal services in Australia. Here are some of the reasons why we are the most preferred people when it comes to trees:

  • Professional quality work, with emphasis on customer satisfaction
  • Post-work, all debris are cleared out so that you can start using the vacant land immediately
  • Expert arborists with all the latest equipment to handle difficult jobs
  • Top-of-the range climbing tools to ensure full access to restricted, hard-to-reach places
  • All work fully insured; you don’t have to worry about any potential damage to your property
  • If you instruct, we even cut the wood into logs of your preferred size so that you can use it as firewood
  • We offer a written warranty/guarantee regarding our work
  • We guarantee your complete satisfaction every time you book a job with us

Call us today to receive your free, no-obligation quote. You can fill in the online form or email us as well.



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