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Jims Tree Removal Service

Trees not only beautify and bring life to your property, they can also prove to be hazardous in certain scenarios. If you feel that a tree in your property may become hazardous for you, it is better that it is removed in time.

Removal may be required in the following situations:

  • After storm damage or any other natural cause that compromises the structural integrity of the plant
  • Infection with disease or infestation with pests
  • Any new development in your property, where it might act as an obstruction to your new landscaping plans or construction
  • The plant is extracting too much of soil nutrients and thus depriving the other plants of the nutrients
  • The plant’s root system is overgrown and may pose as a hazard to the underground piping or your homes foundation.

Professional service

At Jims Trees, our removal experts ensure that work is done professionally and as per clients requirements. We ensure that no utmost care is taken so that no damage is done to the property or the surrounding areas. Once the work is done we ensure that we clean up the property so that the clients don’t have to do any work.  Gum tree removal is perhaps one of the most common jobs we do, and this may reflect the natural abundance of such plants.

Do not attempt to remove or fell on your own as you could end up damaging the site / property and may be health hazard for yourself. And it may be difficult for your get rid of the stump and may act as a hazard for you in future and may cost you in future.

Our experts are professionally trained and have lots of experience to help you get your job done.

Contact us on 131 546 for the professional help you need.


chainsaw-cutting-woodPlants are a great asset and enhance the value of any property. Like every living entity, a plant has its own life-cycle: it grows, blooms, withers and dies. Pest removal and other remedies like regular trimming or pruning can make it look healthy, increase life expectancy and add to the aesthetic beauty of your garden.

Why you need specialist removalists?

More often than not, people are tempted to seek help from unqualified personnel and contractors in order to keep costs down. But their outdated methods can lead to more unwanted expenses and you end up paying more. Truncating trees is a hazardous job and should be carried out under expert supervision. We employ experienced arborists who are able to do the job professionally and within your budget.

They ensure:

  • Complete root removal as they can re-grow from uncut roots
  • Total stump removal which otherwise is potentially dangerous, especially when there are kids around and is also a blot on your beautiful landscape
  • Guaranteed satisfaction with every job no matter how difficult or inaccessible your tree might be

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Jims-Trees-T-11 Palms are beautiful and enhance the look of any property. But no plant lasts forever. You may need to get rid of a pesky palm that is threatening nearby structures or growing out of control and spoiling the aesthetics of your garden. Or you think it’s finally time to remove the old palm and make room for some new plants. Whatever your requirement, Jim’s Trees is always at your service. We are a reputable arborist company, with more than 15 years of experience in providing expert removal, pruning, trimming, reducing, thinning and cutting services to households, business organizations and government bodies. When it comes to palm tree removal, one of the most important points to remember is its sturdiness. Because these plants are so tough, there are very few right ways to go about getting rid of one. And it shouldn’t be attempted by amateurs as it poses considerable risk to people and property alike.

Experts at Jim’s Trees can do the job professionally, safely and effectively. We have the necessary equipment to handle palms, especially the taller specimens. Our arborists also perform stump grinding so that there are no ugly, visible signs after the removal. They even clear out the debris and prepare the area for your future use.

We are open 24 hours, 365 days. For more details, simply fill in the online form or email us your queries.

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Tree-LoppingThe benefits of having trees in your backyard are easy to understand. Aside from providing pleasant shade on harsh summer days, they also become stationary playmates of your kids, or act as protectors of bones that your dog needs to save for future. With time, most of your family members are likely to have one or more memories closely associated with the plants in your backyard. As such, it is hardly a surprise that many homeowners eventually start treating their trees as part of their families. Can anyone even imagine cutting down such trusted friends to loppers as they grow old? Alas, such is the cruelty of Mother Nature. When a plant withers due to age, its trunk dries up from the inside and its structural integrity is also considerably reduced.

Strong gusts of wind or natural disasters like earthquakes can cause such trunks to snap at the weakened points, causing the tree to fall on your house. If it is a small, thin hardwood then the damage caused will be limited. However, if you have a giant oak, pine or similar in your backyard, then such a fall on your house can cause significant destruction. Sadly, the only solution to such a problem is to go for lopping. Problem is – if it is really big, then you can accidentally cause damage to your property when trying to cut it down. Imagine slicing through the trunk, only to find the top portion break off and land on the roof of your home, or worse, crash through a window! The only reliable way of reducing the risk of that happening is to trust professional loppers in Melbourne for taking care of the task. These professional loppers have been cutting trees for years and have all the necessary experience, as well as tools necessary for removing them without causing any danger to anyone.

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chainsaw-cutting-woodTrees are a great asset and enhance the value of any property. Like every living entity, a plant has its own life-cycle: it grows, blooms, withers and dies. Pest removal and other remedies like regular trimming or pruning can make it look healthy, increase life expectancy and add to the aesthetic beauty of your garden. When you want to remove them, it’s advisable to call-in the experts. We have been providing professional, safe and efficient services for the last 15 years to private residences, commercial properties, construction sites, public parks and reserves, government bodies and public and private education institutes. But what happens when you no longer need it in your backyard or garden? This can happen if:

  • You are planning for a new construction or an extension of your existing garden
  • An old plant is damaging your home’s foundation or underground pipework
  • It is damaged by lightning or diseased and dying, with no visual appeal
  • Big plants with extended branches are causing structural damages to your property

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Jims-Trees-Large Trees are wonderful: they provide us with oxygen to breathe, fruit to enjoy, flowers to see and cool shade from the summer sun. But at times, you have to take the tough decision to remove one from your garden or backyard due to:

  • A diseased or dying plant is worthless and it may be the breeding ground for pests like mites and beetles. These have a high probability of spreading to nearby plantations.
  • It may be storm damaged and immune to infestations
  • You want to replace it with a newer or better variety of plants
  • You want to start with your garden landscaping or paving plan.
  • There is a new fencing work, shed or new construction you wanted to start
  • Large trees grow out-of-control, often disrupting overhead power cables, intruding your neighbor’s premises and damaging properties.
  • Large plants obstruct free movement along driveways, on the streets and sidewalks.  This is often the case with gum tree removal.

Why use Jim’s expert tree removalists?

We are the undisputed leader in providing comprehensive arborist care and removal services in Australia.

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