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Why Regular maintenance helps extends tree life

Trees are one of nature’s most perfect creations. Not only do they sustain themselves through photosynthesis they also provide life support to other living organisms.

Fruit bearing trees serve mankind as well as animals and birds living in and around them. Large, leafy trees are a respite in those long and dry summer months, providing shade and keeping temperatures down.

We also like trees in our gardens and backyards. They enhance the surrounding natural beauty and are a great addition to your property.

Like any other living entity, trees need periodic maintenance to improve their health and extend their lives. Regular trimming, pruning, cutting, mulching and pest control are essential if you like to see your trees in full bloom.

Jim’s Trees provides professional solutions to all your tree-related problems and helps you in having a thriving garden. Our team of expert arborists and climbers are able to access even the most difficult trees, plants and shrubs and ensure they get proper care.

We can help your trees to thrive with top quality services such as:

  • Tree pruning which includes removing broken, diseased or dead branches from young as well as mature trees for better protection. It also protects your tree from fungi that may decay and infect plantations in surrounding areas too.
  • Trimming and reduction of young or developing trees that enhance their architectural integrity and ensure new plants have desired branch structure. Proper pruning of young specimens reduces the probability of future costs by balancing your trees’ structure with the maturing landscape.
  • Restoration pruning, whereby, our expert arborists performs aesthetic care for your mature trees in order to maximize your garden’s beauty and assist in maintaining the landscape. It is beneficial for mature trees which have lost their characteristic form.
  • Complete tree removal services for all sizes and types of trees, to protect you and others against the danger of falling tree limbs, particularly along driveways, pedestrian paths and adjacent buildings. We also move trees from your property that has been damaged by storms or other natural calamities.
  • Tree pruning advice from our experts which include proper maintenance as well as recommendations for trees that have low-hanging branches and interfere with pedestrian and traffic mobility.
  • Our services enhance your property’s value and increase aesthetic beauty. They give you visual access to surrounding picturesque settings like lakes or valleys while maintaining privacy when you require it.

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